Insights to InnoChange project

Driving Change and Capacity Building Towards Innovative, Entrepreneurial Universities


Michaela Lukačínová

“I have had an opportunity to gain more knowledge than I expected”

What were your expectations before the program started?

I participated in the Innochange project based on my high interest in the field of business, entrepreneurship and innovation possibilities. I saw the program as an opportunity to improve my previous knowledge and to extend my entrepreneurial and innovation capacity, directly from experts in the field. I considered the participation as a great chance to create a quality foundation for supporting and implementing innovation practices and ideas in the future.

What were the WOW MOMENTS during the program? Both, positive and negative ways.

Cooperation with experts from practice represented a very valuable part of the project. It is always very beneficial to hear different experiences, perspectives and suggestions from successful leaders who have experienced both failures and achievements.

Which information you got during the participation in Fil Rouge’s acceleration program seems to you most useful?

Fil Rouge Capital provided the participants with a lot of practical information through effective communication and clear, well-organized content. I consider the acquisition of management skills, market analysis and market estimation skills, business model development and digital marketing campaign tracking to be the most beneficial parts of the program.

Did the program fulfil your expectations?

The project has been very effective in covering all parts that were described in the work package. Through the program, I have had an opportunity to gain more knowledge than I expected and therefore it has fulfil my expectations.

Would you recommend students’ participation in such training? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend students and potential applicants to participate in the Innochange project. It is a unique way to gain valuable experience based on international cooperation with various experts directly from practice and thus expand theoretical skills, which can then be put into practice.

… experiences of the students involved …

Michaela Lukačínová

Through the program, I have had an opportunity to gain more knowledge than I expected and therefore it has fulfil my expectations.

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Kristóf Zsolt Makó

InnoChange Innovation&Enterpreneurship student, Hungary

”I joined the InnoChange project because I was always interested in developing of new technological inventions.”

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Veronika Zibrinyiová & Zuzana Kožárová

Teachers in InnoChange Innovation&Enterpreunership course, Slovakia

“Our main motivation to get involved in the InnoChange project was an opportunity to participate in a meaningful international project with high innovation potential”

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Barbora Liptáková

Participant of InnoChange activities for nonacademic staff, Slovakia

“It was really interesting to learn and talk about different values, innovation schemes, commercialisation processes, but also challenges the participating universities are facing.”

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Viktória Bančanská & Barbora Liptáková

Participants of InnoChange activities for nonacademic staff, Slovakia

“It was a great opportunity to learn more about innovations and entrepreneurship.”

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Startup Wise Guys, Estonia

“Teaching the teachers is one of the best ways to gain widespread impact on our efforts to help people enter the startup and entrepreneurial world, so happy to be part of the InnoChange project.”

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Tudor-Alexandru Ileni

Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

“I was put in contact with a lot of interesting people, passionate about innovation, marketing, communication and technology.”

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