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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer or mobile phone when you visit a particular website. They make online services and applications easier to use by storing different information. With the help of cookies, websites can log you in, remember your preferences and provide you with relevant content.

Two types of cookies exist:

  • first-party cookies created by a visited website and
  • third-party cookies created by external services (other websites than those you visit). These services own a part of the content you see when you visit a website, e. g. advertisements or pictures.

Except for the classification mentioned above, we also distinguish permanent cookies – cookies stored in your computer, which are not automatically deleted after the browser has been closed. The second type is session cookies that are deleted immediately after the browser had been closed.

With each visit to the website, a request is displayed for you to accept or decline cookies. The purpose of this is to enable the website to store information about your settings for a specific time (e. g. the preferred language for the website’s content to be displayed). Thanks to cookies, you do not have to repeatedly adjust your settings when browsing web pages during one visit. Cookies can also be used to create anonymized statistics about the usage of web pages and online services.

Why do we use cookies?

On the website we use cookies with the aim to:

  • ensure the functioning of our web pages,
  • store the visitor’s preferences.

Cookies enable us to remember your actions and preferences (e. g. login information or predefined language) during a specific time period so that you do not have to repeatedly enter them during every visit of the website

Cookies also help us understand what content are you interested in on our website. It is important that you find the content you are looking for. For this purpose, we collect cookies that help us store more information (e. g. the number of visitors on individual web pages of our website 

We are also using cookies to show you only the advertisement and website content relevant to you according to your preferences.

What cookies do we use?

On the website we use three types of cookies:

  • functional cookies,
  • analytical cookies,
  • marketing and advertisement cookies.

Analytical cookies and marketing and advertisement cookies are not collected. 

Functional cookies 

We use some cookies to ensure the operability of certain functionalities of the website Without them, it would be impossible to use the website fully. Due to this, your consent is not required to use them. These include authentication cookies (stored when you log into the web pages and technical cookies.

Functional cookies collected and stored at the website are listed in the following table.

Name of the cookie

Description Type of the cookie

Time of storage

PHPSESSID Stores php identificator of the browser session. First party Until the browser is closed
CookieLawInfo Stores information about cookie consent First party 1 year

How can you manage the cookies?

You can manage/delete the cookies as you wish – you can find the details on the website

Deleting cookies from your device

By deleting the browsing history in your web browser, you can delete all cookies on your device. You can delete cookies from all the visited websites in this way. It is essential to realize that in this way, you can also lose some important stored information (for example, stored credentials, favorite web pages).

Managing cookies for a specified website

If you want to get more information about the cookies regarding a particular website, check the settings of personal data protection and cookies in your web browser.

Blocking the cookies

You can set the majority of the modern web browsers to block storing all of the cookies in your device. During every visit of the web pages, you may need to manage some settings manually.

Cookie settings in the web browsers

You can find cookie settings for the web browser Google Chrome HERE.

You can find cookie settings for the web browser Mozilla Firefox HERE.

You can find cookie settings for the web browser Microsoft Edge HERE.

You can find cookie settings for the web browser Opera HERE.


If you have any questions related to cookies or to this document, feel free to contact us: